As a MKIII MR2 owner— that MR2 would be so much fun. The taillight and intake insert swap, and the blackout between the taillights are... questionable, and you'd REALLY want to brace it up (search for MSMB). The rest of it looks pretty good. I thought about doing the chin blackout on mine, before I switched to the… » 4/07/15 5:32pm 4/07/15 5:32pm

My poor car is filthy on the outside, covered in pollen and dust (yay Austin). Thanks to water restrictions we're not allowed to wash our cars at home, and I'm too skeptical about car washes to want to pay to have it done. So, my dark-grey car has a brown-green shield. » 4/07/15 2:38pm 4/07/15 2:38pm

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